How You Can Protect the Ocean and Help Save Marine Life from Home

Increase your ocean IQ

What we can do

  • Use eco-friendly, non-toxic detergent that doesn’t require toxic chemicals to get your clothes clean. These “clean” detergents won’t harm waterways and won’t emit dangerous toxins into the environment.
  • Use cold water over hot water whenever possible. Not only does this save energy, but it reduces your carbon footprint significantly.
  • Air dry your clothes if you can, which will also help save energy and reduce your carbon footprint for a cleaner environment.
  • Run your washing machine (and dishwasher) only when it’s full. When you run an appliance that isn’t full, you’re using more water than is necessary to get the job done.
  • Save your laundry water and use it to refill your toilet bowel. Since you won’t come in contact with this water, it’s a great way to reduce household water use without causing harm.

Marine Life



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