This Earth Day, let’s talk about how to reduce your carbon footprint

But first, what is a carbon footprint?

Global consumption per person, per year, in tonnes CO2 equivalent. Source: Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions

How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

Plant carbon-absorbing trees or plants at home

Watch your fossil fuels consumption

  • Switch to a provider that offers renewable energy sources
  • Avoid investing in fossil fuels; go with ethical financial institutions instead
  • Avoid products that contain petroleum (they are found in many beauty, skincare, and cleaning products)
  • Join organisations that protect fossil fuels
  • Watch out for greenwashing marketing tactics like “offsetting carbon footprints

Avoid palm oil and pesticides ingredients

Reduce your meat consumption

Rethink your mode of transportation

Use less electricity at home

Try to avoid cutting down trees

Shop circular, not linear



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